====Club Zain could just well be the most innovative and sexiest dance club in SL history.
====You can get up on stage and dance with our sexy Our wide selection of HUD invited dances are
====always improvised on the spot to allow you to maximize the feel of each song through your avi
====We have the sexiest and the best dance team that loves to dance with you,DJs playing Sophisticated music,
====and even live SL musicians.Everything about Club Zain is designed for all to enjoy and have a great time.
====Music and dance lovers will be guaranteed to have the time of their lives with us.You can even come and
====just relax and enjoy the beautiful shallow beach scenery that will heal and
comfort your heart.

We will be refrain from Zain's party

A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.8 hit Miyagi , Tokyo and nearby areas shortly after dawn Friday in Japan. (Today, 10:46PM SL time) and Aftershock is still here .Some Japanese staffs are well . But this time, most are offline because of power failure by today's earthquake . West of Japan most area are ok , East , and North of Japan has blackout and most train some line is totally off now. We don't know when blackout finished . All we can do is hope other staffs , friends , our member safty. also keep to consider their safty and situaions. Here all TV news broadcasting about this earthquake , If there are some news from TV from staffs who are not here then let you all knows. We will be refrain from Zain's party few weeks.,sorry http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nhk-world-tv ( This is NHK TV WORLD NEWS ) http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nhk-gtv2 ( This is NHK TV NEWS of Japan ) http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tbstv ( This is TBS TV NEWS of Japan ) hope that the god will give bless to all japanese. many custmer came to see Zain from time to time. Thank you for being concerned about us.,We very much appreciate your kindness.

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theblackcloud Oh said...

I hope all of my friends from Zain are doing well. I have a candle lit for everyone's safe return, if there were in harms way, during this disaster.

- Cloudy (aka theblackcloud Oh)

Kitt said...

Thanks black :)
We hope we cheer a person up.

See you soon at ZAIN :)

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