====Club Zain could just well be the most innovative and sexiest dance club in SL history.
====You can get up on stage and dance with our sexy Our wide selection of HUD invited dances are
====always improvised on the spot to allow you to maximize the feel of each song through your avi
====We have the sexiest and the best dance team that loves to dance with you,DJs playing Sophisticated music,
====and even live SL musicians.Everything about Club Zain is designed for all to enjoy and have a great time.
====Music and dance lovers will be guaranteed to have the time of their lives with us.You can even come and
====just relax and enjoy the beautiful shallow beach scenery that will heal and
comfort your heart.

Lost Water World project

It appeared all aoimizuno Meili design and architecturethe SIM ( Zain,LPP neo, STUDIO4D ) in show cace. Now 4 SIM (ZAIN, STUDIO4D, ENDLESS & LPP neo) jointed. All 4 SIM are designed same concept "Water Lost World" I hope you can spend times as stranger who enter this world and enjoy some nostalgic, sentimental & strange feeling. I really thank you owners Moto (ZAIN), Live(4D) who gave me a chance to built their SIM & great thank you for Mika(ENDLESS) I made huge "abandoned bridge under construction" between LPP neo and ENDLESS. It will be like a bridge linking all people.
by aoimizuno Meili (Mothers of Lost Water World) STUDIO4D LPP neo Club Zain Club Zain http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zain/146/59/21 LPP neo http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LPP%20neo/13/133/21 STUDIO4D http://slurl.com/secondlife/STUDIO4D/125/123/25

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